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Speak With An Ai is an AI language learning platform powered by GPT technology. Users can communicate with it by writing or speaking, discussing unlimited interesting topics while receiving messages with lifelike voices. Available 24/7 — available in 29 languages

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Our courses:

  • Listening
  • Talk
  • Reading
  • Exercise

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    • European Portuguese

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    • Italian

    • Korean

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    • Arabic

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Providing services in 29 languages

61 AI language teachers

With 61 AI language experts from around the world, we offer a diverse language learning experience, ensuring you find the teacher that best suits your needs.English AI assistants aid language learners in practicing pronunciation and comprehension.

Supports 29 languages

Our platform supports up to 29 different languages, allowing you to learn in the comfort of your own language environment by speaking to ai, whether it’s a popular language or a niche language, we’ve got you covered.With dedication and resources, anyone can learn any language they desire.

Personalized language study via chat conversations

Through personalized chat conversations, you can choose topics of interest to you for in-depth communication. We will create a unique learning path for you based on your interests and preferences.Speak with an AI and discover the best way to learn a new language. Language talk facilitates conversational practice, improving fluency and confidence.

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Speak With An Ai is amazing! Language teachers offer a convenient way to practice vocabulary and grammar on-the-go.I've been learning English, and this platform provides me with the opportunity to have real-time conversations with teachers from different countries. It's really rewarding!

Learner from China

Li Hua

I've been using Speak With An Ai to learn Spanish, and I'm amazed by how immersive the experience is! Exploring various language learning websites can offer diverse resources and approaches to mastering a language.The personalized sessions with tutors are very helpful, and I really appreciate the program's flexibility by speak with an ai.

Learner from the United States

Emma Clark

Bonjour! I just wanted to say thank you to Speak With An Ai for helping me improve my French. The sessions with tutors are very useful, and I really appreciate the program's flexibility.It is the best way to learn a language.

Learner from France

Etienne Moreau

Speak With An Ai is a fantastic platform! A language tutor can assist with improving your reading, writing, and conversation skills.I'm learning German, and the opportunity to speak with speak with an ai teacher has greatly helped me improve my language skills.

Learner from Germany

Lukas Weber

I'm using Speak With An Ai to learn Korean, and the platform providing real-time conversation opportunities has been really helpful for me. Thank you!Speaking to ai is magic!Learning different languages broadens your cultural understanding and communication skills.

Learner from South Korea

Min-ho Kim

I'm learning Italian with Speak With An Ai, and I must say I'm impressed with the quality of the lessons. speaking to ai tutors is really helpful!Language learning sites offer a variety of resources, such as interactive exercises and cultural insights.

Learner from Italy

Sofia Romano

Questions and Answers

We’re excited to offer a complimentary daily trial. This opportunity allows you to experience the power of language learning through AI, engaging in a 10-sentence dialogue with an AI language instructor. While we aim to provide this service widely, the significant costs involved with AI and text-to-speech technologies mean we can only offer this trial to a certain extent currently.Language education equips individuals with linguistic skills essential for global communication.

As we strive to bring language learning to a global audience, we’re always looking to include more languages. Our offerings grow as our technology advances, ensuring that you can speak with an AI in your chosen language, making it the best way to learn a new language at this stage.

Speak With An AI was born from a vision to make foreign language acquisition more accessible and affordable worldwide. Our platform is designed to help even complete beginners to become proficient in a new language. By interacting with AI instructors, learners gain access to diverse scenarios that enhance both conversational and writing skills. We’re dedicated to refining these services continually.

We maintain a firm pricing structure as our language experts deliver invaluable assistance to help you achieve your linguistic objectives. Language trainers offer expertise and guidance to help learners reach their language goals.The operational costs for our sophisticated AI systems and server infrastructure are substantial. Should these expenses decrease in the future, we may revisit our pricing. However, at present, we cannot commit to offering discounts.

Account sharing is possible, but keep in mind:

-Word counts will combine, reflecting both users’ activity.

-The ‘new words’ tracker will display vocabulary for both parties.

-Teacher settings need to be adjusted per user, though it’s a straightforward process. While sharing is feasible, the language learning experience is optimized for individual use, tailored to personal learning styles and preferences.The best way to learn another language varies for each individual, depending on their learning style and preferences.

As a non-subscriber, you’re welcome to engage in a daily 10-sentence conversation practice with our AI. If you reach the conversation limit, a prompt will guide you to choose a suitable subscription package.

The Speak With An AI app is under development, soon to be released on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Currently, you can access our interactive language learning platform via computers and smartphones.Language software offers interactive exercises and multimedia resources for self-paced learning.

Absolutely, signing up grants you immediate access to all languages we offer. Our AI learning language tools adapt to individual learning styles, providing tailored feedback and support.

Without a voucher or gift system, the best method to gift a subscription is to set up a new account with the recipient’s details and handle the payment. You can then remove your payment information from the ‘subscription management’ section in the settings.

Currently, we do not provide installment payments for the annual plan. The full amount is required upfront for uninterrupted service throughout the year.

Speak With An Ai welcomes affiliations, specifically catering to educational institutions and individuals with a substantial online presence. Our online language classes offer a structured and interactive learning environment. Enrolling in the best online language class provides structured learning and interactive experiences.Get in touch for more details.

While ChatGPT excels in conversational AI across various topics, Speak With An Ai specializes in aiding language acquisition, providing AI-driven conversational practice and lessons. Our AI language trainers offer expertise and guidance to help learners reach their language goals.